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Our Team

We are honored and proud to present our cotton expertise, HVI laboratory, logistics, customs clearance and storage services, which we offer to you with years of experience and with a team that has the necessary equipment and experience.

You can use the contact form below to reach our expert and experienced team.

Özcan Pamuk provides a reliable and impartial shopping environment by making the most accurate product analysis with its Uster brand HVI Laboratory center.

Özcan Pamuk, as a member of the International Cotton Association (ICA) continues its success with its slogan “Our Experience is Our Assurance.”

Özcan Pamuk manages to be the most accurate and reliable option for the customers in Turkey and many other countries in the supply of Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton.

Özcan Pamuk was founded by Şemsi Özcan, who has been in the cotton sector since 1989 and has gained serious experience by working with numerous internationally known leading companies in the international field.