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Özcan Pamuk, as a successful company working with many countries around the world as a cotton supplier, also provides the best services in the service sector. Taxable and duty-free warehousing services are also offered safely to its customers by Özcan Pamuk within its wide service network.

Duty-Free Storage

Özcan Pamuk company carries out duty-free storage services smoothly with a storage area of 10 thousand square meters. All products within the scope of the national warehouse are products purchased from the domestic market, while products that have come from abroad are stored in Mersin with their taxes deposited.

Taxable Storage

Özcan Pamuk, which has a warehouse area of approximately 15 thousand square meters in Mersin, mediates to ensure that many cotton and its wastes are stored in the taxable area and marketed from here to reach buyers in Turkey or many other countries.


Özcan Pamuk Export Import Industry and Limited Company, in addition to product supply services, also carries out handling services smoothly within a certain schedule and order of operations.

The handling process, which is an important process during the import and export of products, works flawlessly without any problems thanks to the professionalism of Özcan Pamuk company. This process covers all the details from customs entry of products to the country, customs entry to Mersin, forklift services, storage, interim transport, and fobbing by ship and delivery to a different country to the address.


The entire process up to the landing of cotton products from many countries, especially the Central Asian countries, to Mersin is carefully planned and implemented. Özcan Pamuk make sure that in addition to product and service quality, process quality is up to the highest standards as well. It also offers its services both in import and export processes to Bangladesh, Vietnam, Pakistan and many other countries through a careful planning and closely follows the delivery until the products arrive to their final destination.


Özcan Pamuk, which is a well-known, reliable and successful company worldwide, also offers customs services safely within the scope of cotton supply services. In this context, all procedures are prepared by the personnel in a short time in order for the products to pass through customs in a registered and procedural manner.


Özcan Pamuk, who prioritizes customer satisfaction in an economic sense along with service quality, prioritizes customer satisfaction by providing services with the best freight prices for both the buyer and the seller.


With our USTER brand HVI laboratory located in Mersin, we show great sensitivity in product quality by analyzing the cottons of our customers and suppliers in the most accurate way with our professional team in every necessary case. In this context, we are trying to create a more reliable shopping environment by saying that our experience is our assurance.


As Özcan Pamuk, we solve and report many quality problems by analyzing cotton, cotton wastes and similar fiber products of both our cotton suppliers or buyers with our experienced expert staff in our HVI laboratory.


Thanks to our German AQUA-BOY brand moisture measuring machine, which can measure up to 22 degrees under the control of our expert team in accordance with the request of our customers, moisture detection is carried out by measuring all products bale by bale or lot by lot.


When any weight problem occurs, in line with the demand of our customers, our expert team prepares detailed reports to our customers by weighing bales or truck-based scales with our portable scale that can weigh up to 500 kilos.

Özcan Pamuk provides a reliable and impartial shopping environment by making the most accurate product analysis with its Uster brand HVI Laboratory center.

Özcan Pamuk, as a member of the International Cotton Association (ICA) continues its success with its slogan “Our Experience is Our Assurance.”

Özcan Pamuk manages to be the most accurate and reliable option for the customers in Turkey and many other countries in the supply of Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton.

Özcan Pamuk was founded by Şemsi Özcan, who has been in the cotton sector since 1989 and has gained serious experience by working with numerous internationally known leading companies in the international field.