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Cotton is one of the raw material sources used in a wide range of industries today. In this context, cotton, which is an important agricultural product, is of great importance in terms of its contribution to the industry, not only during the sowing-planting process, but also after the harvest, its analysis, separation and use in the right areas with the right analyzes.

Özcan Pamuk, which was founded by Şemsi Özcan, who has a great experience in cotton agriculture and industry since 1989; while ensuring that cotton is grown in accordance with high-level quality standards, it also imports and exports cotton types such as raw cotton, organic cotton, damaged cotton and many other cotton products.


Özcan Pamuk, who is the Turkish representative of many world brands in Pamuk brokerage services such as Goetz and Sons Inc., which is one of the world’s largest linter trading companies in linter fiber.

Özcan Pamuk exports approximately 50% to 60% of Turkey’s linter production under the control of Goetz and Sons to countries such as America, China, Spain and Japan; In this context, it has a wide marketplace around the world.

Combed Yarn Waste

In particular, we export combed waste products supplied from Central Asian countries and Turkey to the Turkish market and to the markets of about 15 countries.

Organic Cotton

Each of the organic cotton products, which are frequently used in the field of clothing and home textiles, are offered to customers with GOTS certificate in line with Özcan Pamuk’s reliability and quality. The whole process of supplying cotton to many buyers around the world is carried out meticulously

Raw Cotton

Özcan Pamuk acts as an intermediary by creating a bridge between many world-known cotton suppliers related to raw cotton and spinning mills and other cotton buyers in Turkey. In this context, it carries out both the export and import of raw cotton with great care and high level of professionalism without any problems.

Damaged and Similar Cotton Types

Most of the time, we supply damaged, average and similar low cotton from the African region and other regions and are offered safely by Özcan Pamuk to our buyers at the most affordable price.

Cotton Wastes

Özcan Pamuk Export Import Industry and Limited Company, which is the representative of many countries in the world and also the leading cotton supplier company of Turkey, has reached an important level of competition in the world market with its high-end equipment and professional team. In this context, all products are supplied in high quality standards, taking into account the demands of customers, and delivered to businesses both in Turkey and in many countries around the world.

Özcan Pamuk, who has a wide service process related to cotton supply, has the same care and professionalism in cotton waste. Özcan Pamuk provides cotton waste services in areas such as hat waste, blowroom, square waste, trough and cleaned trough; has been established on solid foundations with its understanding of quality, transparent and sustainable service and has become a world-renowned company.

Cap Waste

Flat waste, which is done carefully in the carding part of the cotton carding machine, is the cotton waste process made between the flat and drum wires of the machine. The products obtained after the flat waste are cleaned with a special brush comb and thus the cottons are completely separated from the foreign materials.


The blow room process is carried out by professionals on cotton carding machines with the latest system. Thanks to the blow room process, raw material groups are blended and made ready for production in line with the most suitable blend recipe according to the cotton product to be produced.

Cotton Dripping Waste

Özcan Pamuk, which has opened up to the world in cotton supply, also makes cotton dripping waste within the scope of recycling activities. Cotton dripping waste is brought to the industry by evaluating the 2nd quality cottons that are excess in the production of textile companies.

Gin Motes

Özcan Pamuk, which has become an international company in the field of cotton supply; also offers gin motes, which is procured from Central Asian countries to Turkey and the world market.

Cleaned Gin Motes

Özcan Pamuk company, cleans the gin motes bought from Central Asian countries in their origin by its professional cleaning team and then offers the cleaned gin motes products, which are sufficiently cleaned, and the rate of spillage is reduced, to the market.

Yarn Waste

One of the service areas of Özcan Pamuk is yarn waste. Yarn waste is the product obtained during yarn production.

Özcan Pamuk, which has a wide import and export network, reliably delivers various yarn wastes to consumers who produce in the cotton industry both abroad and in Turkey.

Ring Spun Yarn Waste

We are increasing our competitive power in the international market day by day by offering the ring spun yarn waste fiber we supply from Central Asia and Turkey to different markets in line with the needs of the world countries.

Ring Spun Yarn Waste Shoody

We are exporting the ring spun yarn waste shoody fibers, which we process in Central Asian countries, to more than 10 countries, especially Turkey.

Size Yarn Waste

We offer the size yarn waste that we supply from Central Asian countries to the Turkish and many foreign markets with the assurance of continuity and transparency.

Bleached Hydrophilic Cotton

The hydrophilic cottons, which have been bleached in a healthy way in Central Asian countries and Turkey, are delivered in bales by our experienced team to many destinations in Turkey and to many countries in the world.

Bleached Hydrophilic Cotton

The hydrophilic cottons, which have been bleached in a healthy way in Central Asian countries and Turkey, are delivered in bales by our experienced team to many destinations in Turkey and to many countries in the world.

Bleached Cotton Waste

The cotton waste, which has been bleached in a healthy way in Central Asian countries and Turkey, is shipped in bales to many countries in the world as well as Turkey in the fastest and most reliable way.

Roll Pharmacy Cotton

The roll of pharmacy cotton, produced with hydrophilic and 100% cotton, is specially wrapped in sterile environments. Afterwards, it is packaged with the same meticulousness and safely supplied by Özcan Pamuk to the consumers who need it in the health sector.

Open End Ring Spun Yarn Waste

We offer Open End Ring Spun Yarn Waste Fiber, which we supply from Central Asia and Turkey to many marketplaces around the world.

Open End Ring Spun Yarn Waste Shoody

We meticulously carry out the whole process of Open End Ring Spun Yarn Waste Shoody fibers that we have processed in Central Asian countries to more than 10 countries, especially Turkey.

Other Wastes

In addition to combed cotton and yarn waste products, other wastes that are textile wastes are among the products that Özcan Pamuk imports and exports. With the experience it has, denim scraps and combed cotton scrap wastes, both colored and white, are delivered by Özcan Pamuk, both in Turkey and in the world, by creating a safe bridge between the buyer and the seller.

Denim Clips

Denim scrap products, which are known as textile wastes and are among other wastes, are separated in line with their quality and workability characteristics and are among the products imported and exported by Özcan Pamuk.

Combed Clippings (White and Colored)

Combed cotton scrap products, which are among the important raw materials in the field of textile recycling, are collected by Özcan Pamuk from textile companies within the scope of brokerage services, recycled and used again in the production phase.

Viscose Fiber

Şemsi Özcan, who proved his success by opening up to the whole world with his experience accumulated since 1989, with Özcan Pamuk Export Import Industry and Limited Company, which he founded in 2012, provides service with an equality policy that protects both the buyer and the seller, as well as its service quality. In this context, it provides high quality service to its customers in the supply of raw and organic cotton products, cotton waste and yarn waste products, as well as viscose fiber products.

Polyester Fiber

As Özcan Pamuk, we respond to the demands of our customers in the best way by planning the whole process of the supply of polyester fiber in line with the demands of our customers.

Özcan Pamuk provides a reliable and impartial shopping environment by making the most accurate product analysis with its Uster brand HVI Laboratory center.

Özcan Pamuk, as a member of the International Cotton Association (ICA) continues its success with its slogan “Our Experience is Our Assurance.”

Özcan Pamuk manages to be the most accurate and reliable option for the customers in Turkey and many other countries in the supply of Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton.

Özcan Pamuk was founded by Şemsi Özcan, who has been in the cotton sector since 1989 and has gained serious experience by working with numerous internationally known leading companies in the international field.